What are the important questions that you need to ask event venues before actually finalizing on any particular one? Let us find an answer to the following question in the following sections.

Questions to Ask any Event Venue

What is the venue setup?

Depending upon your event goals, the set up of the event venue should be such that it is able to easily accommodate your requirements.

Since it is possible that set up of the room may have to be changed during the event, you will have to select a venue with enough space as well as movable furniture and other things for accommodating such movement. Thus, you need to ask these questions before selecting any particular venue.

Will the venue accommodate special requests?

Is natural lighting required at the event space? How security of guests will be ensured by the event venue? Will there be guests who will need accessibility accommodations? Does the event venue allow outside performers? You need to make sure the venue accepts these special requests without putting in too many trade-offs or clauses.

What are the available hours?

Any event needs good amount of planning as well as organization. But, the actual set up of the event and its execution normally completes in a single day. However, there is a lot to be completed with respect to deliveries and also set up of DJ and other aspects on event day.

Thus, you need to ask the venue about the hours for which it will be available for deliveries, decoration, and set up. Additionally, you will have to inquire if there is any special entrance for the DJs when they are bringing in equipment to set up.

If there are certain policies that you need to abide by then having such information beforehand will be quite helpful.

Are there any specific restrictions?

It is possible that a venue has specific restrictions that you will have to follow. For instance, an event venue may make it necessary to stop the event and leave well before midnight or let you play music up to a certain time only.

Similarly, they may have certain restrictions related to use of outside equipment in the venue, such as the ones brought in by the DJ.

Is on-site parking available?

If there is no proper planning then parking can easily turn into a nightmare. Thus, asking the event venue well in advance about parking options will be the right thing to do. It is possible they may not be able to provide on-site parking.

In such situations, you need to know the alternative solutions that the venue is able to provide like valet service or shuttle buses. On the other hand, if the venue does provide on-site parking then inquire whether you will have to pay a separate fee to avail such parking facility.

By having information about all the available options it will become easier to inform your guests about the same. You also need to be aware of the other events scheduled on the same date as yours, which might make it harder for your guests to find the right parking space.