If you are planning an event then a DJ can certainly liven up the environment during the event. However, there could be specific requirements that you may have to inform the DJ about beforehand so the DJ can prepare accordingly for the event. Our aim here will be to examine what information a DJ would need to properly set up everything and perform at your event.

What a DJ would require for performing at an event?

Specific Apparel

Coat and tie or formal attire is the most common type of attire for events, but if you have planned a themed event then informing the DJ about this beforehand will be necessary. This way, the DJ will be able to dress as per the kind of function you are planning to host.

Arrival at the Venue

A DJ would like to reach the venue well ahead of time, usually one to two hours before the event, to properly set up everything. However, they may come earlier depending upon set up requirements at the venue.

Time required to do the set up also depends upon type of equipment that will be required and the kind of function you are hosting. For instance, if a large party is being organized then it will require longer load in time, more equipment, and greater set up time.

Additionally, if there are specific requirements related to when a DJ will be allowed access to the event venue then such information should be shared with the DJ. Likewise, if the venue closes by a certain time and they need to pack out before that, then DJ should be made aware of that as well.

Setup Requirements

Normally, DJs will have certain requirements so that they can perform required setup at the event location. For example, a DJ may require tables of certain length along with linens and good power connectivity, such as 15 AMP and 120-volt circuit from an outlet that is grounded.

They may also require that power connectivity be available within forty feet of the location where DJ equipment will be set up. Additionally, if your event is going to take place at multiple places, like the wedding ceremony occurring at a different location then where the reception will be, electrical connection, for example, will be needed at those places as well.

In case sound coverage is required at additional places then you need to tell the DJ about the same so that DJ can update you on infrastructure requirements for such add-on set up.

Musical Preferences

If there is a preferred song list that you want the DJ to play then it should be provided well in advance to the DJ. In addition, if there are certain songs that you do not want the DJ to play then details of such songs should be shared with the DJ.

Similarly, if there are performers and they need to patch into the DJ system or if there is a video with sound that needs to patch into the DJ system then DJ should be informed about the same.