Hire the right DJ to make your event a memorable one, irrespective of whether it is a wedding party or anything else. What to look for in a DJ? Let us find the answer.

What to look for when selecting a DJ?


A DJ with good experience will be able to easily understand your requirements and fulfill them. They are able to make the right song choices and decide about the order in which to play so as to liven up the environment at your event.

Personalize the Event

The DJ should be versatile and willing to personalize the event. For instance, instead of calling bride and groom throughout the night, the DJ should take the initiative and get all the names before the wedding itself. This way it will become possible to make big announcements such as mother and son or the father and daughter dance look a lot more personal.

Offer a List of Songs

It is possible that you are not sure of the type of music or songs that would be right for your event. This is where the role of a DJ becomes important since the DJ can easily share details of songs and music they usually play during events such as yours. An experienced DJ will also provide a list of suggested songs to help you make a selection. Additionally, if you have planned something, then the DJ should be able to further improve your plan.

You also need to ask the DJ if they are willing to accept requests put forward by your attendees. Your preference should be for a DJ who generally allows such as special requests from guests.

Function as Emcee

Can they MC or make announcements at your event? Check whether the DJ will be able to make announcements during different parts of your celebrations like cake cutting during a wedding or announcing the toasts while the anniversary party is going on. You need to make sure the DJ has a magnetic personality and is ready to function as emcee.

In addition, many DJs have a collection of party and wedding activities that help in getting your guests involved during the event. Ask the DJ you are planning to hire to know if they have such collections and whether they will be able to accommodate specific traditions that you want to include in the event.

Professional Equipment

Another important aspect to examine would be availability of audio equipment such as a wireless microphone, good speakers, etc. Ask the DJ to provide you with a list of equipment they have and contact a music dealer in your region to know if the DJ is using sound gear that is of professional grade. This is an important aspect to check since right audio equipment plays a major role in turning your event from a normal event to something exceptional.

You also need to make sure that the DJ has backup equipment in place for unforeseen situations such as an error or a glitch in microphones or speakers, which could spoil your event.

Have Necessary Insurance

Check whether the DJ you are planning to hire has necessary insurance such as liability insurance. Such insurance helps in protecting consumers as well as their own business.